I Am Always Dreaming

Why the focus on Dreaming?

The Mission

I live to see empowering dreamwork and the joy of oral storytelling incorporated as a common occurrence in everyday waking culture.

The Vision

I see a world in which sharing dreams received during sleep are freely and naturally shared for the betterment and empowerment of all who share in the dream experience.

About My Waking Dream

My life path to self discovery

After years of trying to live a "normal" life, I started putting more effort into exploring options that would fulfill my soul. While taking self development classes, and I discovered the art of improv, through which I learned to accept what was given each moment as it unfolded. Amazingly, I learned to let go of my fear of living fully in the moment. 

This new found fearlessness, or courage, was the spark that lit the powder keg of my life. Suddenly, I looked around and wondered "Who's dream is this? This isn't mine!" 

I began the process of teasing out "what is my dream for this life", as opposed to the dreams of the people around me. I reevaluated my appearance, my personal values, my home, my career, my love life, my spiritual beliefs, my hobbies, my education, my social groups, my daily routines, all aspects of this life. 

This website is the result of the change in my career. Previously, I was employed as a technologist. I love technology, gadgets, science fiction, tools, future thinking, possibilities, shiny objects of all kinds... In fact, I started coding when I was 9, because I didn't like dying in video games. 

When I was in college, I fell in love with Philosophy. But when people asked what I would do with that for a career, I internalized that Philosophy alone wasn't a practical life path. I adjusted, and got a computer science degree as well, since it seemed to be a good way to make a living. 

And so, I had a long career in all aspects of software, from large corporations to small ones. But when I looked at my life, I felt empty. When I look back, I see many times when I poured my heart and soul into a project or a team, only to have the work scrapped and the team disbanded, and all I had built was lost. This broke my heart again and again. Sure, I was solving problems (yay!) but I wondered "why bother?" I became aware that my efforts in that career were just to make money for a soulless corporation. The corporation made money regardless of whether or not my contribution made a difference in the world. 

On top of this, I would soak up the emotions of the people around me. I frequently acted as an unofficial therapist, above and beyond my regular duties and deadlines. But I found meaning when helping the people around me with their struggles, and so I would dedicate extra hours at work for this. Sadly, this imbalance led to burnout with my daily job, and I became increasingly ineffective as felt I needed to focus solely on daily corporate tasks instead of relationships. As I focused on making money for "management", I was actively prevented from having a helpful impact on the daily lives of the employees. 

But that was then... now, after my reset, what is the dream I've discovered for myself?

While searching for what makes my soul sing, I realized that I have been an avid dreamer. I remember several dreams from early childhood. I would use my dreams to find solutions to my work challenges. 

After mentioning this to a friend, she introduced me to the work of Robert Moss. I started reading and attending workshops with him, and now I am a certified Level 2 Dream Teacher. I've learned incredible tools for taking dreaming to deeper levels, and I have combined that with my own personal evolving life philosophy.

Next, in trying to do more self reflection and internal discovery, I found Astrology, which appeals to my puzzle solving and data analysis nature. Carl Jung used astrology in his psychological sessions, and I've always had a knack for working with the unconscious and folks' inner motivation. Astrology is a tool to help me zero in on things that matter to those around me. 

I've been cultivating my intuition, and learning to pay attention to the sensations that enter my awareness. I've discovered that I have access to more information than I was taught I should be able to have. I think this is a gift we all possess, if we are willing to examine and explore it.

Finally, what I am at my core is a person who sees into the ideal version of the people around me. My life's purpose is to help others remember who they are, and if they are willing, help them realize how to live a life their soul dreams of. 

Using my innate gifts and the tools I've learned thru years of unofficial counseling, I finally discovered I can have a lasting impact and change the world for the better. I would love to help you discover how to bring your soul's dreams into reality, as well.