Dream Stories

Dreaming, Waking, and Sleeping

The Mission

The Mission

The Mission

To empower humanity to lucid dream this waking life.  

Dream. Save the world. 

The Vision

The Mission

The Mission

An empowered world where awareness encourages dreams to come alive.

 Wake. Heal the world.  

Storyteller / Human Dream Catcher

Shadow lives

I love technology, gadgets, science fiction, tools, future thinking, possibilities, shiny objects of all kinds... I had a long career in all aspects of software, from large corporations to small ones. I excel at Excel. I design elegant databases. I find ingenious hacks around bugs in software I can't access. 

But at my core, I am a story teller. I dream up unexpected solutions.

A few years back, I realized I have the power to do something about the disconnect between what drives my life verses what inspires my soul, I wondered: 

"Who's dream is this? This isn't my dream!" 

As an avid dreamer from early childhood, I follow the guidance in dreams to incubate solutions to life challenges. I am a Master Dream Teacher with Robert Moss's School of Active Dreaming. 

My purpose in life is to live the life of which the soul dreams. As a Human Dream Catcher, I catch dreams and offer humanity new perspectives on reality. 

I see into the darkness of our stories and bring back treasures buried there.

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Dream and Save the world. Wake and Heal the world.

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