Dream Stories

Dream: I am not a therapist, but I could play one on TV!

Created with intention for the greatest/highest good.

If something is amiss, I ask forgiveness. 

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Dreaming, Storytelling

Sleeping Dreams

Synchronicity Games

Sleeping Dreams

Dreams and stories and the world song, with lovely

Each time we sleep, we connect with a personal Guidance System. Dream analysis gives keys for transforming waking life.

Waking Dream

Synchronicity Games

Sleeping Dreams

Robert Moss about to embrace a fae representative at Mosswood Hollow

We are always dreaming, and how we tell our stories shapes the life we live. Ask, "how am I my own hero?" Change the story, change the life!

Synchronicity Games

Synchronicity Games

Synchronicity Games


Many people don't recall their dreams but we all have experiences in life.  Synchronicity helps navigate waking dream life.

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Consider that we are so much more than just a mind. We have bodies. We have souls. And we intuit that we are even more that the sum of our parts. Dreams are where these parts integrate with the subconscious, and communicate what each perceives. 

Stories, Adventures, Insights

Dreams use a language that’s far more sophisticated and complex than human languages. As with all skills, learning to bring the meaning and guidance from our dreams into our daily lives thrives with practice.  

Perspective and Analysis

Rediscover the dream of an authentic life. Recapture the soul's dream for this life. Work with the shadow aspects as well and determine the best expression of our world. The keys are in our hands to build our phenomenal life. 

A story, a dream, a life

I tell stories based on dreams / experiences I've had. I take artistic liberty and use my own personal lexicon to understand the lessons my universe is conveying. I'm less concerned with appearing polished, and more with being genuine. I modify the rules as desired, I've given myself the permissions. Have you?