I Am Always Dreaming

Connect with our most overlooked super power!

The subconscious knows much more about our existence than our waking minds could ever fathom, and dreams are the primary way it communicates. By watching and analyzing dreams, we find ingenious wisdom given to help us navigate challenges in life.  

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The Practice

Sleeping and Dreaming

Consider that we are so much more than just a mind. We have bodies. We have souls. And we intuit that we are even more that the sum of our parts. Dreams are where these parts integrate with the subconscious, and communicate what they perceive. 

Stories, Adventures, Insights

But dreams use a language that’s far more sophisticated and complex than English. As with all skills, learning to bring the meaning and guidance from our dreams into our daily lives takes practice.  

Luckily, there are many ways to mine our dreams and glean even more useful data. 

Perspective and Analysis

Learning to reconnect with the inner guidance system makes waking life so much more fulfilling and empowering!  Gain a new perspective that can bring a sense of peace to both your consciousness and subconscious life.

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