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Soul Satisfaction

Have you looked around at your life recently and thought "Wait... what am I doing? Is this MY dream?"

Are you wondering what your real purpose is? What the truest and highest expression of your ideal self as a human being?  Would you like to remember who you are and what gifts you brought into this world?  

There are many solutions found in the advice of books and folks on YouTube, but you are the best expert on the most fascinating subject you could ever investigate: You. 

When we reorient the perspective of what we are looking for in life, and we rediscover and reorient to our soul's dream.

I am naturally gifted with helping others deal with their emotions, dreams, inner self, to tune people into their ideal self.  I have great strength in integration and analysis. Analysis and problem solving come naturally to me. I use the tools of Astrology, Intuition, Dream Analysis, personal experience, and more. Let's discuss what you've experienced and tease out what fulfills your soul.  

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Would you like to know who you are beyond your negative self-talk? 

Would you like to remember what resonates for you? 

What is the blueprint you came into this life with? 

How do your strengths and challenges express? 

Rediscover your self and dreams!

About Me

My Philosophy


In this modern era, we have learned to focus our energies on all the financial and material aspects of life, but our souls are often crying out for fulfillment and balance. 

Just like the body needs different elements (air, water, food, shelter) to stay healthy and survive, the soul needs several elements (spirituality, community, self reflection, and others) to thrive. 

My Focus


My focus is to help individuals heal and breathe into their path, become aware of their inner strengths, and their challenges as opportunities. 


I have realized my dream as a master story teller. I love learning other's stories and retelling therm with a delightful spin. When people embrace the new story, they open the door to incredible life upgrades!

My Goals


We are told that we are doing it all wrong. We may hear this from family, friends, coworkers, strangers, or loudest of all, our own internal critic. Perhaps there is much more to our story, though... 

I teach people to recast themselves in empowering stories.